[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30227] Adding drag/drop support to TreeOutline

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Thu Oct 8 14:05:38 PDT 2009


--- Comment #2 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2009-10-08 14:05:38 PDT ---
Elements Tree Hierarchy (addition to items above)
- gesture to delete a node by dragging it offscreen - actually not sure we can
do that, maybe we need a valid drop target?  hmmm ... a trashcan?

- Breakpoints - move, delete, copy

- formatted 'text' like Elements Tree Hierarchy, JavaScript Source, Console;
should be able to drag out to a text editor - supporting formatted (html) and
plain text

- number-y things like resource graphs, profiler tables - drag out as plain
text, html, and csv.

- drag Call Stack as plain text or html <ol>, probably want to also include
Scope Variables there as well.

- various tables in Storage pane - export as plain text, html, csv

The previous note on using option (⌥) dragging seems to imply we should have
some app-wide modifier keys / extended action definitions.  ctrl- means copy,
shirt- means something else, etc.

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