[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30079] unselectable resources in resource panel

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Tue Oct 6 12:23:23 PDT 2009


--- Comment #4 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2009-10-06 12:23:24 PDT ---
Given what I know about this, another way it can get screwed up, even after
removing the link, would be if you could somehow click an actual link to
something - say an <a> element in an Elements display, which somehow pointed
back to a resource with the same URL as the one you were looking at, but was
actually a different resource.  I've been unable to duplicate this with some
simple tests.  Probably something you wouldn't see very often.  

An example might be something like an Atom feed.  Say you had some XHR code
that was dealing with feeds, and those XHRs were accessing the feed resource
itself.  Feeds often refer to themselves with 'self' sort of link.  

Wondering if there are other edge cases like this we might run into.  Again,
doesn't seem like something you'd run into very often, so I'm not worried about
it right now.

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