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--- Comment #14 from robert <robert at roberthogan.net>  2009-10-06 10:52:33 PDT ---
>     * What exactly is the use-case that requires an assocation of network
> requests with frames?
> Could you explain your use-case here in Bugzilla in detail?
> Why does it have to be per-frame?

When a qnetworkreply/qnetworkrequest encounters an SSL error, I need to know
from which qwebframe the request originated so I can display the error there.
The SSL error is displayed as a HTML page with proceed/cancel buttons within
the frame.

Ideally the qwebpage information would be available explicitly too, but it is
easy enough to get at once you have the frame pointer.

> Is the assocation all you need to implement your use-case or is it just a tool
> on the way?
> Are you both perhaps looking for a way to filter network requests?
> What kind of filtering are you looking for?
> Do you need a convenient way to just accept or reject a request or do you have
> to change individual properties of the requests that are somehow associated
> with the frame?

In my case the answer to all of the above is 'no', since the request is aborted
by default and you have to emit reply->ignoreSslErrors() if you want to ignore
the error.

Yael's patch is enough for me.

> Please help us, so that we can help you to find the right API.

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