[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 27538] Qt memory consumption on site with many images

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--- Comment #23 from Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>  2009-10-06 07:15:41 PDT ---
Last words before regressions come in:

The changes remove dead code from ImageDecoderQt, replace various Progressive
Loading future support features as QImageReader does not support progressive
loading. The ImageState internal class is replaced with the RGBA32Buffer
allowing us to share the ImageSource and the final patch is doing the big
change. It is replacing the ReadContext with a new implementation that attempts
to postpone decoding as far as possible. This will make QtWebKit only decode
images that are displayed instead of everything. In the benchmarks this is
great for memory usage and loading speed. We will set the QImage in the
RGBA32Buffer even if it doesn't have the 32 bits in depth... but that is great
for the memory consumption.

The last tests were only ran on the szeged test site but it can be reloaded 100
times without memory leaks and consuming a lot less than before.

Future work will focus on QImageReader with animated images and Caching, E.g.
when starting to scroll the website the non displayed items should be pruned.

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