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--- Comment #54 from Girish Ramakrishnan <girish at forwardbias.in>  2009-10-06 05:50:38 PDT ---
Here's the TODO list:
1. -graphicssystem opengl crashes. UPDATE: It turns out that it crashes only on
my machine. This is supported by Qt.
2. QGVLauncher crashes on exit - WebCore::Chrome::repaint uses the client. The
client is alreay gone by then.
3. QGraphicsWebView works, yay! But I need a way to detect painting on qgv and
turn off transparency. Any suggestions? UPDATE: Will use pluginParent() and do
a ugly qobject_cast
4. When using ARGB visuals on tlw, mouse over crashes.  UPDATE: Should be
solved with the introduction of pluginParent() and removing winId().
5. Remove the non-transparent sync for opaque mode.
6. Context menu. UPDATE: This requires integration of context menus of gtk
within Qt. The toolkits have to sync up on mouse/keyboard grabs. Qt has to be
fixed, the Qt developers are aware of this problem (but have no solution). No
fix is required in WebKit.

Simon and I agreed that this bug is exhausted. So, I will create separate bugs
for the above TODO list items.

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