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> > Update version of UI
> > 
> > I re-thinked about retainers, and experimented with real web apps. This
> > radically changed my mind. I discovered that it is possible to put retainers
> > graph into every snapshot in a reduced form. That is, retainments are tracked
> > not for individual objects but rather for objects constructed with the same
> > function. The only problem here is with anonymous Object and Array instances.
> > For them, initially we consider every instance, but then we are aggregating
> > them by similarity of their backreferences (in short, if two Object instances
> > are held by instances of the same constructor, they are considered equivalent.)
> > 
> > Thus, we don't need an additional pane, and instead can show retainers
> > naturally in the heap snapshot. To help a developer to prioritize back
> > references, we should show how many object instances are retained for every
> > backreference (e.g. objects of 'baz' constructor can be held by 'foo' and
> > 'bar', of which 'foo' holds 90% of objects and 'bar' only 10%). I don't think
> > we need to display the number of retained objects for next levels, because it's
> > expensive to count them. Also I'm not sure whether we always could display
> > deltas: it seems OK for named constructors, but for Objects and Arrays it's
> > hard to find corresponding entries in two snapshots (we can't even use real
> > memory addresses, because objects may get moved during GC.)
> I like this approch! I assume "bar-retainer" is the name of the object (not you
> adding "-retainer" to it?

Sure, I'm not modifying constructor names. I just called it so for
demonstration purposes.

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