[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 29987] Refactor RenderThemeChromiumMac and RenderThemeChromiumSkia to render media controls using GraphicsContext.

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Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org>  2009-10-02 13:01:10 PDT ---
(From update of attachment 40483)
Looks like you're just moving code.

 39     static bool shouldRenderMediaControlPart(ControlPart part, Element* e);

I'm not sure I understand this change:
 141         && (!style->hasAppearance() ||

I guess that allows all shouldRenderMediaControlPart implementations to

Seems we could pretty easily consolidate this now, no?
// FIXME: this is copied from RenderMediaControls.cpp, try to consolidate.
 63 static HTMLMediaElement* parentMediaElement(RenderObject* o)

Seems we should just use a HashMap for all these now that we have so many:
79     static Image* soundFull =
 80     static Image* soundNone =
 81     static Image* soundDisabled =


which looks it up and sticks it in the hash if it doesn't already exists.  I
could ASSERT_NOT_REACHED that the loadPlatformResource ever fails.

Not required part of this change, but something to think about for the future.

Bug number?
 115     // FIXME: this should be a rounded rect but need to fix
GraphicsContextSkia first.

We generally avoid default: for enums:
35         return true;
 236     default:
 237         return false;
Otherwise the compiler can't help us make sure we haven't missed a case.  Maybe
ControlPart has a bunch more types than we're seeing here, in which case
default: would maek sense.

Seems we should unify all the ASSERT_NOT_REACHED cases:
253     case MediaSeekBackButton:
 254         ASSERT_NOT_REACHED();
 255         break;
 256     case MediaSeekForwardButton:
 257         ASSERT_NOT_REACHED();
 258         break;

Seems this needs one more round.

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