[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 29935] Expand triangles by default in Web Inspector's Resources

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--- Comment #4 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2009-10-01 06:53:20 PDT ---
re: comment 2

To be more precise, I think the thinking here is that once a disclosure button
has been activated, we should remember it's state across the entire app.  So
that any other resource you look at will have the disclosure setting
(expanded/collapsed) the same.

While we're fixing that ...

It would be convenient to be able to expand/collapse the entire "tree" of up to
5 (I think) expandable elements at once.  There doesn't seem to be any default
behaviour to do this in the existing code, that I can see; at least the classes
relevant to these tree elements.  I thought I remembered seeing something like
this at one time ...

In any case, there's no good place to "hang" such behaviour anyway, since there
is no visible root for these tree elements.  How about if we enabled
double-click on any of the top level elements (like "HTTP Information") to
expand/collapse all?  There's already some kinda funky behaviour when you
double-click these elements - we should fix that anyway, and we can fix it by
adding new function!

Since this seems like really useful function, it would be a shame to hide it
behind a double-click that pretty much no one will ever find.  What if we add a
tooltip on the top-level elements as well indicating the function is available?

It seems a bit unkosher, but also pretty useful.

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