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> What information is needed?

Consider JSCustomXPathNSResolver::create


It's not clear to me that either lexicalGlobalObject or dynamicGlobalObject is
the right thing here.  It seems like we probably want something equivalent to
V8's CurrentContext (i.e., the frame associated with the method itself), but I
haven't investigated this in detail.

In general, I don't really understand what this file is doing.  For example:


That line of code looks really wrong.  If the frame has been navigated since
this object was created, this code looks like it's grabbing the ExecState for a
random SecurityOrigin and calling this lookupNamespaceURI function.

Also, consider JSDatabase::transaction


Which frame should we use for the error callback?  Presumably the one
associated with the database object itself (e.g., CurrentContent), not
lexicalGlobalObject or dynamicGlobalObject.  Also, I have the same concern
about grabbing the ExecState from the Frame after navigation for these database


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