[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22765] Limit the size of local storage to a fixed quota.

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------- Comment #11 from jorlow at chromium.org  2009-05-31 04:27 PDT -------
Also, this patch seems to be designed so that, on the first time a site is
accessed which tries to use local storage,
page->chrome()->client()->quotaForLocalStorage() is called.  From what I
understand, this is to allow a browser to ask the client whether the app should
be given space.  Is my understanding correct?

It seems like a better model might be to give them some default amount of space
(which can be set to 0...probably put this into page->settings()?) and then do
a callback any time they want to go beyond this space.  The browser could
decide whether or not to ignore it or present it to the user.

I like this better because it'd allow browsers to give sites a modest amount of
space per site (where the definition of modest is decided by each
browser...possibly 0 when space is tight or sites are not trusted) in return
for the user being bugged less.  This also gives the browser full control over
when to "bug" the user.

For example, lets say gmail used localStorage.  When I first load it up, it
could store some basic machine-specific preferences without me being prompted. 
Then, let's say that I wanted to sync my email box.  It'd start storing data
until the limit is hit.  My browser could then ask me if I wanted to give gmail
more space.  If I choose yes, it'd keep filling up until some other limit was
hit (or maybe never if I told it I trust that origin).

In addition, there probably needs to be some interface to the quotas so that
the browser can display the information to users and allow them to adjust the
quota.  This makes me wonder if it should be in its own class.

Lastly, isn't there some other quota management already in WebKit?  It seems
there probably should be some central way to manage this?  Definitely Database
and maybe AppCache seem to fall into this category.

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