[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25436] Refactor appCache for use in multi-process browsers

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------- Comment #15 from michaeln at google.com  2009-05-27 13:48 PDT -------

I've uploaded a first patch along these lines. There is not much meat in this
patch, mostly it's about setting up to do parallel development of a new
implementation of this feature set.

I've setup added a new loader/appcache2 directory to contain the new impl, and
have begun svn copying things into it starting with DOMApplicationCache*. And
setup a new ENABLE(APPLICATiON_CACHE) flag.

I've named the 'frontend' class ApplicationCacheFrontend, but I'm very open to
suggestion on nameing. I'd like to reserve the obvious names (like
ApplicationCache and ApplicationCacheContext) for use as the names of the
'backend' classes as that is where most of the 'model' logic will be.

This patch does not yet address how/where resource loading out of the appcache
is handled.

This builds and the tests pass in two different environments.
1) Standard/webkit client with ENABLE(OFFLINE_WEB_APPLICATIONS) defined.
2) Chromium/webkit client with ENABLE(APPLICATION_CACHE) defined.

As far as other class names go... something along these lines is what i have in

class ApplicationCacheFrontend;  // in this patch

class ApplicationCacheBackendProxy;
class ApplicationCacheFrontendProxy;

class ApplicationCacheBackend;  // i had been calling this
ApplicationCacheService previously
class ApplicationCacheContext;
class ApplicationCacheRequestHandler;  // i had been calling this
ApplicationCacheInterceptor previously
class ApplicationCacheGroup;
class ApplicationCacheUpdateTask;  // factored out of ApplicationCacheGroup,
the update and validate logic
class ApplicationCache;
class ApplicationCacheEntry;
class ApplicationCacheDatabase;

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