[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25902] Need to implement WorkerContext.close()

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Tue May 26 13:47:19 PDT 2009


------- Comment #6 from atwilson at google.com  2009-05-26 13:47 PDT -------
In the first case, no, we don't fire off a close event - the reason why is
because I'm still working to convince IanH that we should remove the close
event from WorkerGlobalScope (the reason is that we don't want to expose the
internal behavior of garbage collection via the close event, and generating a
close event *only* in response to an explicit close() invocation seems of
dubious utility).

Thanks for pointing out the spec language around proper handling of events that
are already in the queue - I missed that behavior since it's described in a
different part of the spec.

It seems like the best way to do that is to have close send an event via the
queue which itself calls WorkerThread::stop(). Any timer/XHR events that come
in after that event will get dropped. Do you see any problems with that

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