[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25072] CSS21 attribute selectors not dynamic for xml

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Tue May 26 00:34:40 PDT 2009


------- Comment #5 from kai at granus.net  2009-05-26 00:34 PDT -------
Hello Nikolas,
thanks for reviewing.

I’ll do the changes and create a new patch (sorry for all the tabs).

Just a few questions and remarks:

> Does a 0ms timer work here, instead of forcing a 100ms wait? Timing dependant
> tests should be avoided, if possible.

Indeed it does, I’ll change this - much better.

> You also want to add a pixel test result here.

Really? I don’t mind, but the dumped render tree does include the background
color already. If desired, I can also change the test to display "FAIL" or

>  An expert in that area like Hyatt or Maciej would need to review it.

Absolutely. Will this just happen, or do I have to take some action to make it

> Your name is also misspelled :-)

Not if the file is interpreted as utf-8. We’re in the unicode age, aren’t we?

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