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------- Comment #32 from husam at senussi.com  2009-05-23 10:00 PDT -------
I agree with your comments but yhe use of bison parser instead of custom parser
was based on the Comment #10 From Maciej Stachowiak and Comment #16 From Alexey

(In reply to comment #31)
> (From update of attachment 30295 [review])
> I don't like this patch, while the JSON object itself is fine, i don't believe
> it is necessary to use a yacc parser -- given the simplicity of the JSON
> grammar i believe a hand coded recursive descent parser is likely to be faster,
> with a little care i believe this will also make it easier to have the parser
> avoid ever creating an AST in the case where we do not have custom reviver
> functions.
> (Addtionally this particular grammar tracks a lot of information that we track
> in the normal JS grammar which is of no value to the JSON parser) -- I'm also
> not entirely sure i like the lexer, but certainly i prefer it over the grammar
> implementation.  We can in fact probably just use the literal parser we
> preflight eval with to achieve this.
> Sorry for the delay in reviewing.
> If you want to discuss more directly i tend to be on #webkit as olliej fairly
> continuously.

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