[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24818] [GTK] http auth dialog pops up twice after a cancelled atempt

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------- Comment #7 from gns at gnome.org  2009-05-21 08:37 PDT -------
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> Did you edit that at all besides adding "first try", "second try"? The
> Soup-Debug lines don't seem to match up right. Eg, the response for SoupMessage
> 0x83eede0 shows up in the log before the request. (This *might* be a SoupLogger
> bug?)
> Another oddity is that there are two SoupSessions in the log (0x95ec970 for the
> first few requests, then 0x8108970 for the last one). Last I knew WebKit didn't
> (intentionally) create more than one SoupSession.

I didn't edit it knowingly, but I may have failed in copying/pasting from my
terminal. I'll get better logging going, but maybe I'll just write a test.

> Are multiple threads being used here? SoupSessionAsync doesn't go to any effort
> to be threadsafe, so it's possible that that would mess things up. (In
> particular, if you called certain methods from a thread other than the thread
> whose GMainContext the session uses, then they might do bad things because they
> might queue an asynchronous operation, which could end up completing in the
> other thread even before the calling function returns.)

This may be. Have to investigate. For the time being, I have continued
investigating and opened this bug report with some information I was able to


Let's see if I can come up with a working (as in, failing =D) test case. 

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