[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25724] Incorrect collection output for Javascript console evaluation

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> By collections, do you mean arrays.  As in arrays vs. objects that aren't
> arrays?  It's already a bit difficult to make a determination, at least in
> user-land JavaScript, whether an object is an array or not.
(Patrick asked for my input, I work on Firebug). 

This problem is more subtle and complicated than most people realize. Firebug
has gone through a number of efforts and our test suite includes array tests
for this reason.

Given an object one wants to present it to users in a way that is most useful
to them: if they think of its as an array, then it should be presented as an
array. Unfortunately for us, the set of types which users think of as arrays is
not known to us.  Oh and we can't read their minds either ;-).

Firebug uses a combination of type testing and object property analysis:

(The YUI license bit should be removed, the code has long since diverged from
them and it was only one function at the time).


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