[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25849] Clipboard.* are in dom/ but ClipboardMac.* are in platform/

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------- Comment #3 from darin at apple.com  2009-05-18 17:34 PDT -------
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> It sounds like Clipboard might need to be split?  Into dom/DOMClipboard.* and
> platform/Clipboard.*, or is Pasteboard* already supposed to be the
> platform/clipboard* stuff and we just haven't factored things quite right?


Clipboard is a DOM object and should stay as one.

Pasteboard is an attempt at a platform abstraction for pasteboards/clipboards,

    1) Clipboard doesn't try to us it!
    2) It has reverse dependencies on the DOM and Frame anyway, so it's not a
good platform layer citizen, and probably needs to go into the editing

Making Pasteboard a better abstraction that really can live entirely in the
platform directory is a one future direction, but for now we can probably live
with having it in the editing directory for now, and Clipboard can use it as
much as possible. Maybe later we can find a lower-level part we can truly
factor out so it can go in the platform directory.

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