[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25826] REGRESSION: In Gmail's Edit Link dialog, I can't type in the Link To: field (due to <input type=url> support)

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Sat May 16 22:36:46 PDT 2009


------- Comment #15 from eric at webkit.org  2009-05-16 22:36 PDT -------
I got more information from Julie Parent.  I have "seen the light" and agree
that a temporary workaround like this is a good thing.

1.  The bug has existed in the shared JavaScript rich-text editing library
Google uses (TrogEdit) since 2006. (Ironically WebKit hackers Ojan & Julie are
primarily responsible for this library.)
2.  Trivia: the faulty code was originally added for Opera, which was the only
one which supported type="url" at that time.
3.  Not all products use TrogEdit's link-insertion dialog.  The Word processor
@ docs.google.com is one example of an application with a custom link-insert
dialog (hence why Sam couldn't repro there).
4.  Julie wouldn't be able to list all the domains which use TrogEdit.  I'm not
sure anyone could easily.  It's used by *lots* of apps @ google.  Gmail is the
highest-profile I know of.
5.  The fix has been checked into TrogEdit.  Some apps may have already
released the fix.  Some end-of-life apps will probably never do so (like
pages.google.com).  I don't have a timeline for Gmail, but Arv (Erik Arvidsson)

I guess my personal opinion would be we should leave this on trunk until Safari
4 and Chrome 2 go out the door, and then roll it out again.

The check could be expanded to ".google.com" but even that might not be
complete.  Making this quirk universal might be the best option.  Julie might
be able to give some advice here (by thinking of any other high-profile google
domains using TrogEdit).

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