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------- Comment #3 from joanmarie.diggs at gmail.com  2009-05-11 13:52 PDT -------
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> OK, so I have a patch for atk_text_get_text_{at,before,after}_offset, for now I
> support WORD_START, WORD_END and CHAR boundaries. 


> One question though: what are
> you supposed to do in 'degenerate' cases? Example: get the previous word when
> you are at the first word, or the next word when you are at the last one, etc.

I'd go with ('', 0, 0)

> Does not seem to be documented.

Documentation is for the weak. ;-)

The only reason I know/am suggesting the above is because that's what I've
grown accustomed to seeing in the cases you describe. If I didn't have an
answer, however, what I would do is see what other apps do -- starting with
either gtk-demo and/or Gedit (which as a general rule seems to use standard

(In reply to comment #2)
> Oh, and remember when I said this seemed easy to implement? Lies.

Heh. :-) (And sorry! And thank you for doing it!!)

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