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------- Comment #15 from joanmarie.diggs at gmail.com  2009-05-06 23:03 PDT -------
I just tested the new text-caret-moved and text-selection-changed events. Nice!

I'm seeing a couple of issues that I'll comment on here. If you want either
filed as new bugs, please let me know.

1. When selecting text, text-caret-moved events continue to be issued for the
offset at which the selection began rather than the current offset (i.e. the
selection end).

2. When selecting text across object boundaries, the text-selection-changed
events which are emitted are emitted for the object in which the selection
started, which might not be the object containing the most recent selection.
For instance, given:

    This <a href="foo.html">is</a> a test.

If I start selection somewhere in "This" and Shift+Right through to "test," I
see a text-selection-changed event for each press of Shift+Right, but all of
them are for the accessible which contains "This" rather than the link and
subsequent text.

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