[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25527] String.prototype.replace and String.prototype.toLowerCase should be deletable

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Mon May 4 03:51:00 PDT 2009


------- Comment #1 from erikcorry at google.com  2009-05-04 03:51 PDT -------
Further investigation of JSC reveals that delete returns true despite the fact
that it doesn't work.  All the methods on String.prototype have the same issue.
 In addition, the methods on Array.prototype and Date.prototype and the
following properties on Math (not Math.prototype) have the same issues:

  "random", "abs", "acos", "asin", "atan", "ceil", "cos", "exp", "floor",
  "round", "sin", "sqrt", "tan", "atan2", "pow", "max", "min",

The following properties are also on Math, but they work as intended (have

  "E", "LN10", "LN2", "LOG2E", "LOG10E", "PI", "SQRT1_2", "SQRT2"

Strangely, the functions on Object.prototype and RegExp.prototype,
Boolean.prototype, Number.prototype and Function.prototype work fine.  They can
be deleted, as can the properties on the global object (escape, unescape, etc)
and String.fromCharCode (On String itself, not the prototype).

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