[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24955] space bar does not play/pause when in standalone QuickTime movie

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Mon Mar 30 18:30:49 PDT 2009


------- Comment #3 from dino at apple.com  2009-03-30 18:30 PDT -------
> When does this happen? When the event target is the document? Since this is MediaDocument.cpp,
> can you get to the media element directly?

Yes, when the target is the document. The alternative would be to have the user
focus the media element and then wait for the keyboard event, which is
obviously not useful (and a regression).

And no, you can't get to the media element directly. The MediaDocument fires up
a tokeniser which inserts the video directly. I could work it so the document
holds a reference to the media - I wasn't sure which was the best way.

> What about standalone audio?

Standalone audio is standalone video. The MediaDocument tokeniser always makes
a video element.

> This is convention used elsewhere?

I had a choice here between looking at the keyCode (would be 32 for space) or
the keyIdentifier. Most of the other code I looked at uses keyIdentifier. I'm
not sure why, since it is string comparison.

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