[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24949] Back out some of the changes to FrameLoader in r42055 to unbreak Chrome.

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Mon Mar 30 16:52:05 PDT 2009


------- Comment #4 from darin at apple.com  2009-03-30 16:52 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> We use loadURL for browser driven navigations

You should be using loadFrameRequestWithFormAndValues for this.

> we use closeURL as part of our asynchronous procedure for shutting down a WebView.

You may want to use detachFromParent() for this.

> We need setCurrentHistoryItem and setProvisionalHistoryItem to support the way
> we have implement back/forward.

OK. Bad news.

> Can we at least land Jeremy's change as a bustage fix?

All right. We need quite a bit of improvement in FrameLoader, so the sooner you
can get the Chromium loading code checked into the WebKit tree, the better.
This is just the first step of some major repair. It looks like the Chrome
requirements are actively getting in the way of fixing the design here!

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