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------- Comment #6 from eric at webkit.org  2009-03-30 15:37 PDT -------
Interesting, I did not realize there was any spec-work around a resize event. 
The spec sure doesn't have much to say about it. :)  But it does look like
something that we could consider supporting.

Every RenderObject::layout() implementation would have to notify the document
that a resize of the corresponding node had occurred.  A list would be kept by
the Document, and then from that list, events would be dispatched after the
layout() had occurred.

One question would be what the behavior of the list should be if a resize is
triggered during a resize js handler (set some size property and then trigger a
layout).  I assume it should be a FIFO queue and that the remaining resize
events from the previous resize should be fired before the new ones are.  But
maybe the queue should just be cleared on any new layout?

Either way, it looks like even though there is some minor specwork, there is no
testing, or exploration of the various edge conditions. ;)  Something any
implementor would have to explore.

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