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------- Comment #13 from naruse at airemix.jp  2009-03-29 11:42 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #12)
> One problem is that on non-Windows platforms, the fonts are not hacked, so a
> lot of pages that display money amounts using the 0x5c character in MS fonts
> would presumably suddenly look wrong if we took this patch as is.

Non-japanese user's environment, it may YES.
But japanese users use fonts for japanese.

For example, IPA font is 'hacked' font.
And VL Gothic is normal font.

We can choose suitable font.

This is because, this problem is derived from JIS X 0201.
JIS X 0201 is a variant of ISO 646 and in JIS X 0201, 0x5C is Yen Sign.
So this is long and wide problem and we have both backslash fonts and yen sign

> Another issue is that if the user searches for "Y5" (I'm using Y instead of yen
> sign here to please bugzilla), the browser wouldn't find "Y5" on the page - and
> that's clearly not desired behavior. Similarly, a money amount would suddenly
> look broken when copied from a Web page to another application that uses a
> different font.

Japanese wide spread keyboard, JP106 has keys which have yen sign image
and backslash image.
But both of them are assigned to 0x5C of CP932 (this is mapped to U+005C).

So japanese usually searchs the character (backslash or yen sign) by U+005C.
In other words the problem ``the browser wouldn't find "Y5" on the page''
is *current* problem, not another issue.

# on Japanese Windows Internet Explorer,
# both U+005C and U+00A5 are fallback to 0x5C of CP932.
# So 0x5C matches both U+005C and U+00A5.

> Technically, it is possible to make the currency glyph substitution happen only
> for rendering purposes, but then, search and copy will be broken. This is what
> makes me think that per-font transcoding is the only practical way to improve
> the current behavior.

I want no substitution and no per-font transcoding.
We know that 0x5C of EUC-JP may be backslash (US-ASCII) or yen sign (JIS X
Moreover in japan, U+005C is also backslash and yen sign.
This is not only the problem of EUC-JP but Shift_JIS and Unicode in Japan have
the same problem.
But we have workarrounds.

Such substitutions and per-font transcodings only make the problem more
0x5C of EUC-JP is not yen sign, not backslash.
It unified both.
So DON'T separate them by the browser.

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