[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24906] 0x5C of EUC-JP is not Yen Sign but U+005C

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------- Comment #10 from naruse at airemix.jp  2009-03-29 09:26 PDT -------
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> I see, interesting. So, this change will fix some pages, but break others
> (those that use e.g. MS Gothic), correct?

The glyph of 0x5c of EUC-JP can be both backslash and yen sign.
So they are still correct, even if the glyph may differ on various
# this is specified CP51932 and original eucJP definition.

But 0x5C must be logically backslash: U+005C.
Current implementation breaks this and this affect copy from the page and paste
to something.

> It is a tough choice to make - perhaps we'll need to apply font-specific
> transcoding to text using those fonts.

Web Browser is not only for seeing, but for machine.
Hacks like this --- replace characters logically --- affect to machine.
For example, copy texts from the page, scripting on the page, and so on.

We must consider both rendered glyphs and logically displayed characters.

For your information in English document, CP932 (base encoding of CP51932)
This shows 0x5C of CP932 (Shift-JIS variant) is logically U+005C : REVERSE
but uses YEN SIGN glyph.

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