[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24896] REGRESSION: Range#collapsed is mis-reported after Range#extractContents is called

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Fri Mar 27 15:00:58 PDT 2009


------- Comment #7 from jparent at google.com  2009-03-27 15:00 PDT -------
For selecting (div, 0), (text, text.length):
WebKit reports the selection after extract contents as (div, 0), (text, 0),
collapse: false, and the text node remains.
FF reports (div, 0), (div, 0), collapse: true, and the text node remains.

So, they agree with not removing the text node, but they are modifying the

For selecting (div, 0), (div, 1):
Everyone agrees, after extractContents the selection is (div, 0), (div, 0),
collapsed: true, no text node.

For selecting (text, 0), (text, text.length):
Everyone agrees, selection is (text, 0), (text, 0), collapsed:true, text node

See http://jparent.googlepages.com/extractTests.html for the tests I ran.

Finally, no, Firefox does not report (div, 0), (text, 0) as collapsed.

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