[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24776] Disabling HTML5 Database breaks the build

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------- Comment #6 from benm at google.com  2009-03-25 13:05 PDT -------
Good point on the inlining and thanks for the UNUSED_PARAM tip, I will upload a
new version of the patch that takes your comments into account.

Regarding the strategy for fixing the build break, I'm not sure I was very
clear in explaining the problem I'm trying to fix. If you disable HTML5
Database support in the build by defining ENABLE_DATABASE to 0, some database
related functions are completely compiled out of the Document class. These
functions are called by Database methods in Database.cpp and so with
ENABLE_DATABASE set to 0 the compilation of Database.cpp fails as the functions
are no longer present in the Document class. I don't think it's correct to
remove Database.cpp from the build or #ifdef out the file as it seems it is
used by the SQLite classes which in turn are used by other parts of WebCore -
the Icon Database, Application Cache, etc.

I can think of a couple of ways to fix the build break:
1) Leave Database.cpp as it is and #if ENABLE(DATABASE) the definitions rather
than declarations of the database functions in the Document class. This
requires the fewest code changes and in my opinion is clearest and simplest. I
have sent a patch that does this. I see that a similar technique of compiling
out the function body is used for the ENABLE_TEXT_CARET macro in
2) Leave Document.cpp|h as they are and #if ENABLE(DATABASE) each of the
callsites for functions compiled out of the Document class in Database.cpp.
There are a lot of these calls and this strikes me as a messier approach.

I'm certainly open to alternative solutions if anyone can think of a better way
to fix this.

Thanks, Ben

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