[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24687] Gradient text in canvas not working on chromium/skia.

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Thu Mar 19 00:04:45 PDT 2009


------- Comment #2 from krit at webkit.org  2009-03-19 00:04 PDT -------
>      if (boundingBoxMode() && !isPaintingText) {
> +#else
> +    if (boundingBoxMode()) {
> +#endif

It's not just CG, that uses this code. Please just use 

    if (boundingBoxMode() && !isPaintingText) {
    if (boundingBoxMode()) {

if it is necessary. I think you will break some tests of batik. Have you
checked this?
And the special skia code, that we have in SVGPaintServer, is just needed for
fillAndStrokePath. (btw. this can be fixed by closing the path after filling or
stroking inf gc:fillPath() and gc::strokePath()).

I'm still not sure if I get the problem. Gradients don't work for Skia in
Canvas, right? And you fix SVG, because the transformation matrix is applied
twice for Canvas. Wehre (beside SkiaFontWin.cpp) and why?

To add more platform code to SVG is maybe not the best way and it can break
some tests. Can we fix in internally?

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