[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24402] Copying from trac.webkit.org source tables does not maintain table cell width

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Fri Mar 6 17:18:23 PST 2009


------- Comment #4 from ojan at chromium.org  2009-03-06 17:18 PDT -------
It looks to me like webkit is trying to figure out what styling applies to each
node and maintain that in the copy-paste. This seems less good to me than just
copying the raw html. 

Here are the use cases I see for copying:
1. You are copying within the same page, in which case, all the CSS selectors
would continue to apply and you don't want all the bloat of inlining all the
2. You are copying from a web page and don't actually want all the styling from
the page.
3. You are copying from this page to another program.
4. You are copying from a web page and wanting all the styling seems to me the
rare case.

1 and 2 seem like the common cases to me. Although it might be a nice
compromise to provide a copy that keeps all the styling, e.g., when you

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