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------- Comment #1 from service at theopalgroup.com  2009-03-06 08:30 PDT -------
This same problem is occurring in our system, exactly as described by the
original bug author, only 100% reliably.  Only affects Safari/Chrome, and no
other browsers.

* We output multiple forms onto a page in a system that responds with a 302
redirect in response to a form submission.  So, in effect, the page submits to
itself, but then redirects to a results page.
* The "visible" form that the interface renders is actually the 5th form in the
HTML page.  The first 4 are stub forms with no interface elements, used for
Javascript operations elsewhere on the page.

Steps to reproduce:
1) User submits the visible form, and is returned to a menu page.
2) User clicks on the same link again to re-load the form.
3) Rather than filling out the form, user clicks Back in the browser.

* PROBLEM #1:  In this case, the browser does NOT display the previous page. 
Rather it displays the page with the form on it.  Possibly related to the 302
redirects, but cannot confirm this.

4) User then hits the Submit button on the page again.

* PROBLEM #2:  The browser does not submit the form that the Submit button is
attached to.  Rather, the browser submits the _first_ form on the page, which
is the hidden javascript-sensitive form.

We've confirmed this behavior simply by re-ordering the forms as output to the
page.  Whatever form appears first in the HTML is the form that will be
submitted in response to clicking ANY submit button on the page, immediately
following the browser Back.

Will attempt to distill this down to a simple test case that we'll post.  The
actual system that it's in is both private-credentialed and overly complex to
use as a test case.  We can reproduce this faithfully 100% of the time in our
Production system, however.  Hopefully, we'll be able to provide a simplified
example to add to the original submitter's.

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