[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24418] transformToFragment() method from XSLTProcessor objects returning null when processing XML data read from on-disk files

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Thu Mar 5 22:46:53 PST 2009


------- Comment #1 from jmpp at macports.org  2009-03-05 22:46 PDT -------
A couple of things I'd like to clarify, after a conversation with a very
helpful individual in ##JavaScript @ Freenode:

-) when I say "on-disk file" in my report, I mean a static file served by
Apache ('data.xml'), as opposed to PHP dynamically generated content and
printed to the wire, which is exactly how the XML "string" fetched in
fragment_working.js is constructed;

-) the 'data.xml' file is served with an appropriate
"Content-Type:application/xml" header, and this is the case that works on
Firefox but fails on Webkit (fragment_broken.js); the XML "string" used in
fragment_working.js is served with "erroneous" "Content-Type:text/html"
headers, and works on both Firefox *and* Webkit, which only confuses me more...

- jmpp

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