[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24390] It's not possible to log into the spanish train company (renfe.es) to buy tickets online.

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------- Comment #2 from mrowe at apple.com  2009-03-05 19:07 PDT -------
This is definitely a bug in the website.  Inside the function
dwr.engine._sendData in engine.js, it creates an XMLHttpRequest instance as a
property of batch named req:

      batch.req = new XMLHttpRequest();

It then detects Safari and attempts to work around a POST bug in ancient
versions of Safari (build number < 400).  For newer versions it calls the
following code, apparently to let you know that it's using the "normal" code

        dwr.engine._handleWarning(batch, { name:"dwr.engine.oldSafari",
message:"Safari GET support disabled. See
http://getahead.ltd.uk/dwr/server/servlet and
allowGetForSafariButMakeForgeryEasier." });

This _handleWarning function has the side-effect of cleaning up "batch",
including deleting batch.req.  This leads to the following code throwing an
exception when trying to use batch.req:

      batch.req.open(batch.httpMethod, request.url, batch.async);

I'm marking this as evangelism, as the site is clearly doing the wrong thing
here.  Someone will need to get in contact with the developer of the site and
communicate this problem to them.

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