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------- Comment #3 from mrowe at apple.com  2009-03-04 04:51 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> And with "handle inside Webkit", I mean a common API inside the Webkit core
> that manages when to autofill form fields and reduces the amount of work
> required by the different ports to get it working. The default implementation
> of course would just not autofill anything.

Autofill is conceptually quite simple.  At the appropriate time you find forms
on the page, attempt to match them against stored data in some fashion, and
fill in any data that matches the form.  Finding forms is relatively simple
given a functioning DOM API.  Matching form fields against stored data is an
area that seems application-specific and hard to generalize.  Filling in data
is again a matter of using the DOM APIs.

The timing aspect is interesting, but I'm not sure how that could be addressed
within WebKit.  This may be a matter of communication between browser
developers to ensure consistency.  It may be a matter of firing a delegate
method at an appropriate time.  It's hard to say.

Did you have any specific suggestions for the sort of functionality that WebKit
could provide in this area?

> Do you think applications would have different needs for autofill? In
> particular, I can't come up with any different needs that are worth annoying
> web developers with with incompatibilities between browsers?

It's not clear to me how autofill has any impact on developers beyond the
timing aspect of it.  And yes, I think applications have different needs for
autofill.  The biggest difference is in terms of data sources for the autofill.

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