[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23156] cant alignt text to the right using right shift and right ctrl

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------- Comment #17 from hbono at chromium.org  2009-03-02 01:01 PDT -------
Thank you for your comments.
They make sense, my change is too dependent on Chromium and we should not put
such platform-dependent code there.

By the way, I'm wondering if there is a plan of fixing the KeyboardEvent class
so that it can expose left/right information in near future.
If there is a plan, we should wait implementing Chromium-dependent code until
the KeyboardEvent class is updated to avoid duplicates.

Sorry for my stupid question in advance.

(In reply to comment #16)
> (From update of attachment 28061 [review])
> Should tbe right keys be treated as entirely separate from the non-right ones?
> What about the code already in WebCore that calls shiftKey()? If we really are
> going to have separate booleans like this, then I think it need to be
> shiftKey(), leftShiftKey(), and rightShiftKey() functions, with shiftKey()
> returning m_shiftKey | m_rightShiftKey. Or maybe you intend m_shiftKey to be
> true if either the left or right key is down?
> If no platform-independent code is going to be calling these new functions,
> then I think the Chromium code should match the other platforms and allow you
> to get to a lower level platform event object. This class is supposed to define
> a platform-independent interface to keys for use in platform-independent code.
> If this is an interface defined only for Chromium and used only in Chromium,
> then I think you should consider doing it differently.
> But maybe we do have a cross-platform need to distinguish right and left
> modifiers. I'm not sure. Given the title of the bug it seems that really this
> is a Chromium-specific bug about needing to set the shift key boolean even when
> the right shift key is the one held down, and doesn't require any change to the
> cross-platform code at all, but I really can't tell.
> If we're going to add booleans for the right-key versions of these modifiers,
> then the patch needs to also modify the implementation on other platforms so
> that those new booleans are set on those platforms too. It's bad manners to add
> these for one platform and have them all be false on all the other platforms.
> I'm going to say review- for now given these concerns?

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