[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 26590] Support for String.trim(), String.trimLeft() and String.trimRight() methods

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------- Comment #20 from ioseb.dzmanashvili at gmail.com  2009-06-30 07:59 PDT -------
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Hi Eric,

Thank you for response.

> My question would be why should isStrWhiteSpace not respect 0x200b?  If it
> should then we should just change isStrWhiteSpace.

I'm not sure about this... I don't know if "0x200b" should be included in
isStrWhiteSpace function's implementation. I took these characters from Ecma
3.1 proposal for String.trim();

Here is the link to the PDF document:


> If it shouldn't, then you
> should add your own function:
> static inline bool isTrimableWhiteSpaceChar(int c)
> {
>     return isStrWhiteSpace(c) || c == 0x200b; // zero width space
> }

Decision is up to you, I just need to know what to do next. I'm waiting for
response and I'll upload patch immediately.

Thank you again.

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