[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 26120] Honor Desired Weight and Italic State for Fonts in Windows Cairo Build

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------- Comment #5 from bfulgham at webkit.org  2009-06-19 10:10 PDT -------
The changes in this bug were proposed by a team using WebKit on some kind of
mobile computing device.  They apparently ran into problems with bold and
italic fonts (Korean fonts IIRC) not displaying properly.  They found that the
following change (around line 440) provided proper font display:

     matchData.m_chosen.lfWeight = desiredWeight;
     matchData.m_chosen.lfItalic = desiredItalic;

The underlying problem may be completely resolved by Bug 21492, which is
already in the tree.

Mitz separately wrote me:
> In the CG port, we need the LOGFONT and resulting HFONT to correspond to an actual font,
> not a synthesized one, so that we can apply synthetic oblique and synthetic boldface in the
> engine when rendering with CG (see createFontPlatformData()).

The original reporter indicated that the changes to the matchImprovingEnumProc
were done to help get exact matching once they added the BOLD/ITALIC state to
the HFONT, since otherwise it iterates over every font structure proposed by

I see two possible states for this issue:
(1) If the fix in Bug 21492 provides correct rendering, then this issue is
unneeded and we can close it out.
(2) If Bug 21492 did NOT correct the problem, then we probably want to make
sure that the HFONT settings are included with the guards, so the bold/italic
state is properly synthesized in the CG implementation.

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