[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25319] caret does not paint after type in characters in right aligned div or after delete all characters in RTL div or 0px right padding RTL textarea

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Thu Jun 18 19:23:22 PDT 2009


------- Comment #18 from xji at chromium.org  2009-06-18 19:23 PDT -------
It is the computation of the local caret rect wrong.
The wrong computation is in RenderText::localCaretRect().

Hyatt commented through IRC that the "if" and the "else" block are both wrong.
He sees 4 mistakes there, and he will need to figure out who wrote the code
originally from trac (I guess to figure out the clamp part)

Following is from Hyatt through IRC:
it looks like localCaretRect is wanting to clamp inside the block in one case
and the line in anoterh. but its math is wrong.
I do not particularly understand why you would clamp.
the entire notion of clamping seems misguided to me.
like.. if the offset happens to be outside of the block... so what.
maybe it is because of overflow::hidden to keep it from getting clipped.
not sure.
but the math isn't right anyway.

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