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Sorry, I replied you lately.

> First of all, at JavaScriptCore/jit/ARMCompiler.h:256
> there is no asm instruction. What does your last 'git log'
> say?
I had used the branch of loki/arm-port with "initial version of ARM port" log.

> If your (cross)GCC version is greater than 3.4.6, the
> compilation produces a call for '__clear_cache' built-in
> function. What is your GCC version?
I am using the maemo chinook scratchbox. GCC version of chinook is 3.4.4.
Fortunately, I succeeded to run arm-port using below source code,

         const int syscall = 0xf0002;
             __asm __volatile (
                    "mov     r0, %0\n"
                    "mov     r1, %1\n"
                    "mov     r7, %2\n"
                    "mov     r2, #0x0\n"
                    "swi     0x00000000\n"
                :   "r" (begin), "r" (end), "r" (syscall)
                :   "r0", "r1", "r7"

> > I hope that this arm port will be merged to webkit main trunk. :)
> You should try MacroAssembler based ARM JIT. The variant which
> you use probably never be landed.

Yes, I start to use MacroAssembler based ARM JIT on the branch of
Thank you.

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