[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25711] HTML5 Database becomes locked if a transaction is in progress when the page is refreshed.

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Thanks again Michael. :)

> I think this approach is valid since tasks for a given Database are always
> handled on the same DatabaseThread (looks like theres a db thread per
> document).

That's right.

> If that were ever to change, this approach may not be valid. Not
> sure what the Database 'owners' have in mind for future developments.

Any webkit reviewers care to comment?

> Have you considered removing the the handle from the collection when a
> DatabaseCloseTask executes on the thread? The expected case is that none in the
> collection should need to be closed. May be nice of that corresponded with an
> empty collection. A method on Database could be useful for determining when the
> Database needs to be added/removed from the set... bool Database.isOpen().
> After task execution, if isOpen() add it, otherwise remove it.


> I think you can use HashSet<RefPtr<Database> > to avoid the manual
> addref/removeref calls. And after iterating and calling close on them, clear
> the collection to drop the refs.


New patch on the way! :)

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