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------- Comment #20 from xan.lopez at gmail.com  2009-06-15 13:58 PDT -------
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> (From update of attachment 29992 [review])
> executeMoveParagraphBackward and executeMoveParagraphForward implementations
> seem flipped.

Yeah, silly me.

> What does Caret Browsing mean?

It means the hability to browse web pages only using the keyboard, thanks to a
special mode in the browser called, you guessed, caret browsing mode. It's of
great importance for accessibility, and Gecko's implementation is specified
here: http://www.mozilla.org/access/keyboard/proposal

> Seems this should be a static function:
> bool caretBrowsing = frame->settings() &&
> frame->settings()->caretBrowsingEnabled();
> bool caretBrowsingEnabled(frame)


> Seems this should be a nicely-named constant somewhere:
> static_cast<EditorCommandSource>(0)
> Or there should be a different version of enabledInEditableText which doesn't
> take a source.

I think at least for this patch keeping the dummy constant would be better, we
can further refactor it in follow-up patches.

> How does one test this?  We need at least a manual test if not a LayoutTest.

OK, I can provide at the very least a manual test.

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