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------- Comment #29 from pkasting at google.com  2009-06-14 22:36 PDT -------
I had a long reply, but I see no purpose in it.  I will restrict my comments to

(In reply to comment #28)
> And just for the record. I don't mind source level breakage. Apple is doing it
> all the time and it is the right thing to do as things progress in a good way.

I find this disingenuous.

> I just have so many issues with the RGBA32Buffer approach, technically  it is
> not the right one(tm).

While I respect your position as a port maintainer, given your comments on IRC
and the past couple bugs, I believe that the people disagreeing with you have
superior knowledge of this particular area of the code and how the various
ports have been affected.  As Kevin noted, there are no performance or bustage
problems with my patch and I don't think your dislike of 83 lines (I counted)
of common C++ implementation copied to _one_ additional location for the time
being is a sufficient reason for reverting.  So I think we are simply going to
have to disagree on the approach.

That said, given that you would like to see this code merged with ImageBuffer,
I would like to ask (as a way of burying the hatchet) if you know the
ImageBuffer code well enough to provide some sample patches on how this can be
done.  Clearly you're capable of whipping up patches very quickly, and as I've
already mentioned, ImageBuffer is a class I'm not as familiar with.  If you can
help with this I'd be most grateful, as that was one of the reasons I reported
the bug in the first place.

We can keep arguing about what to do in the interim, or we can try to work
together to get to an end state that we can both be happy with.  Please, work
with me here, not against me.

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