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------- Comment #19 from zecke at selfish.org  2009-06-14 15:35 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #14)
> I haven't given explicit "no" replies to every single patch, but that's because
> I think all but the ImageSource collapsing are really a single patch that
> simply undoes all of the ImageDecoder unforking.  You have never stated how you
> intend these ports to obtain acceptable performance or what concrete benefits
> this has.  I have worked with the image decoders for several years and know
> enough to say that this is a damaging set of patches that we should not land. 
> I think your only motivation is a mistaken sense of some sort of
> "cross-platform" idealism that fails to account for the real constraints here.

You impose a big penalty on other ports for _no_ performance gain at all. You
force to copy and paste code just to unfork Skia. You could nuke RGBA32Buffer
completely in favor for extending ImageBuffer.

For your performance statement... let me cite the cairo documentation for me.

 * @data: a pointer to a buffer supplied by the application in which
 *     to write contents. This pointer must be suitably aligned for any
 *     kind of variable, (for example, a pointer returned by malloc).
 * Creates an image surface for the provided pixel data. The output
 * buffer must be kept around until the #cairo_surface_t is destroyed
 * or cairo_surface_finish() is called on the surface.  The initial
 * contents of @buffer will be used as the initial image contents; you
 * must explicitly clear the buffer, using, for example,
 * cairo_rectangle() and cairo_fill() if you want it cleared.

so even for Cairo no _more_ changes than using a Vector<char> are needed
(unless I'm mistaken). So for no gain at all we have to live with a copy and
paste of RGBA32Buffer... it is no gain at all... the only gain for you is to
have unforked Chromium at the cost of forcing everyone else to copy and paste.

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