[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10809] evt.x and evt.y are not correctly supported

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"Sets or retrieves the y-coordinate, in pixels, of the mouse pointer's position
relative to a relatively positioned parent element.
If the event firing element is relatively positioned, then the y-coordinate
from the boundary of the element is returned. If the event firing element and
all of its parent elements are not relatively positioned, then the y property
returns a coordinate relative to the body element.
MSDN documentation, y Property (event, Event Constructor)

The y attribute, on getting, must return the value of pageY. (...)
The pageY attribute, on getting, must return the vertical coordinate, as number
of CSS pixels, of the position where the event occurred relative to the origin
of the canvas.
CSSOM View Module, WD 22 February 2008

Right now, Safari 4.0 final release build 530.17 does not comply with the MSDN
specification nor with the W3C WD CSSOM View Module specification as it treats
x and y properties like clientX and clientY (relative to viewport) properties
and not as pageX and pageY (relative to canvas) properties.

regards, Gérard

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