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------- Comment #10 from joanmarie.diggs at gmail.com  2009-06-10 16:12 PDT -------
I'm afraid I'm reopening this one. In testing I'm seeing the following
unexpected/undesirable behavior:

* get_n_selections returns 1 even when no text is selected.

* get_selection returns the offsets of the selected text on the page; NOT the
selected text from the current accessible.

For instance:

1. View the page for this bug.

2. Select "Kit" in "WebKit Bugzilla"

3. In Accerciser, select the accessible text object associated with, WebKit
Bugzilla. In the iPython console, try:

  result: 1 (as expected)
  result: (3, 6) (as expected)

4. In Accerciser, choose any other text object (e.g. « Prev) and repeat the
above commands.

The expected result is that getNSelections would return 0 because *in the
newly-chosen accessible*, no text is selected. Similarly, getSelection(0)
should not indicate that text is selected.

The actual result is 1 and (3, 6) respectively.

5. Deselect the text in WebKit Bugzilla, leaving the caret between the "b" and
the "K". Choose any text object and repeat the above commands.

Expected results: getNSelections would return 0 because no text is selected.

Actual results: getNSelections continues to return 1.

In addition, the offsets returned by getSelection(0) indicate the current caret
position (3, 3) even if the accessible being examined doesn't have the caret.

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