[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25711] HTML5 Database becomes locked if a transaction is in progress when the page is refreshed.

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Tue Jun 9 16:36:26 PDT 2009


------- Comment #18 from michaeln at google.com  2009-06-09 16:36 PDT -------
I don't have review rights... but fwiw...

File: WebCore/storage/SQLTransaction.cpp

nit: A comment in handleTransactionError could read differently
// No error callback, so fast-forward to:
// No error callback or the database is stopping, so fast-forward to:
Actually, you may want to remove the comment since it just says in english what
the branching logic is clearly doing... doesn't add value really.

If inCallback && m_database->stopped(), can you bump into the same problem with
scheduling the next cleanupAfterTransactionErrorCallback step? If that combo
can't happen, maybe add an ASSERT. Or if that combo can happen, maybe just if
(stopped) {cleanupAfter(); return;} at the top of the method.

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