[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15457] Realplayer plugin does not work correctly if the OBJECT tags defined with the "DATA" attribute has a URI

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Mon Jun 8 21:37:19 PDT 2009


------- Comment #5 from jam at chromium.org  2009-06-08 21:37 PDT -------
Eric: thanks for the review, comments:

> Shouldn't we only do this hack for a specific set of plugins?

Firefox does it for all plugins (and Chrome has done it likewise since launch).
 Since I don't know what other old plugins are done this way, I'd prefer to
leave as is.  I think if it had caused any problems, FF would have changed it.

> Also we have a caseInsensitiveEqual which doesn't copy the string like lower() does.

I can't find this function?  The only thing I found is
stringIsCaseInsensitiveEqualToString but that's in

> single line ifs don't get { } in WK style.


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