[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25376] Refactor localStorage code for use in multi-process browsers

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Thu Jun 4 19:25:40 PDT 2009


------- Comment #4 from michaeln at google.com  2009-06-04 19:25 PDT -------
I'm really not at all familiar with the localstore code, so I'm not in a great
position to give you a real review. (Not that I have review rights anyway:)

28         count bytes as you read the local storage databases into memory

This implies to me the entire db is slurped into memory. Is that right?

65     : m_path(path.copy())

nit: is the call to .copy() really necessary

68     if (!path.isEmpty())
69         m_syncManager = StorageSyncManager::create(m_path);

nit: use the same (m_)path variable in the test and create call

115     ASSERT(origin);
116     if (!origin)
117         return String();

nit: which is it, required or not? One of them can probably go.

124     return pathByAppendingComponent(m_path, origin->databaseIdentifier() +

Oh, a unique database file per origin. I see this was pre-existing code.
Do you know why there is one per origin instead of one for all? Just curious.

line 80: extra whitespace here

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