[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25319] caret does not paint after type in characters in right aligned div or after delete all characters in RTL div or 0px right padding RTL textarea

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Mon Jun 1 02:20:42 PDT 2009


------- Comment #11 from ojan at chromium.org  2009-06-01 02:20 PDT -------
(From update of attachment 30720)
The fix seems reasonable to me (although, that if-statement is hard to read),
but I'm not very familiar with this code and I'm not a webkit reviewer. :) I
just had a couple testing comments.

> Index: LayoutTests/editing/deleting/caret-rtl-after-delete.html
> ===================================================================
> --- LayoutTests/editing/deleting/caret-rtl-after-delete.html	(revision 0)
> +++ LayoutTests/editing/deleting/caret-rtl-after-delete.html	(revision 0)
> +function runTest()
> +{
> +    var e = document.getElementById("test");
> +    e.focus();
> +    selectAllCommand();
> +    execDeleteCommand();

I think you should make this a dumpAsText test and just assert here that the
caret is at a specific rect using
textInputController.firstRectForCharacterRange(i, 0). We don't actually want or
need pixel and rendertree results here, right? Also, that makes the expected
behavior more clear if the test just asserts that the caret is at a specific

> +<div CONTENTEDITABLE id="test" style="direction: rtl; width:200px; font-size:2000%"; outline: solid thin; overflow: hidden>a</div> 

Is the font-size:2000% really necessary for this test?

> +</body>
> +<script> runTest(); </script>
> +</html>
> +
> Index: LayoutTests/editing/inserting/caret-right-align-after-insert.html
> ===================================================================
> --- LayoutTests/editing/inserting/caret-right-align-after-insert.html	(revision 0)
> +++ LayoutTests/editing/inserting/caret-right-align-after-insert.html	(revision 0)

Same comment as for the above test. Make it a dumpAsText.

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