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> > > >  what, dave, would it take?
> > > >  i.e. what would you be willing to offer that moves this forward?
> > > Sorry, I have nothing more to add that wouldn't be restating the obvious.
> >  perhaps might i suggest that you simply answer the question?
> Break up the patch into pieces so that each piece may be reviewed, revised, and
> committed.
> Since you've already committed to maintaining a big patch against WebKit trunk
> indefinitely, breaking it up into smaller pieces that are committed to trunk
> dovetails nicely with this process.  As each small patch is committed to trunk,
> your large patch against trunk will shrink when you rebase.  You'll also find
> any issues that may have crept into trunk since you'll still be able to test
> the full, rebased patch in your environment.  It will also be easy to address
> any such issues in the next small patch.



 is a very good idea.

> Also note that new features added to WebKit don't have to be complete when they
> initially land.  Take DataGrid as a recent example.  The first commit just
> added empty stub files and updated build files to make sure they compiled on
> every port.  <http://trac,webkit.org/changeset/44778>  Future patches built on
> that initial commit to implement the feature.

 okaay.  so - something like starting with CodeGeneratorGObject.pm
 and going from there.

> May I suggest that you file a new bug for each smaller patch and relate it back
> to this bug?

 veeery good idea.

 then each issue / submission gets done separately [and cleanly]

 i like it.

 to help those people willing to contribute, i will continue to submit the
"large" version, here, but without review flags.

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